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RepRisk ESG Risk Platform

RepRisk’s flagship product, the ESG Risk Platform, is the world’s largest due diligence database on ESG and business conduct risks, and serves as the foundation for all our products and services.

The Platform supports data-driven decision-making by leveraging proprietary quantitative data (risk metrics and analytics) and extensive qualitative research for companies, projects, sectors, countries, ESG issues, NGOs, and more. It is delivered as a Software as a Service, with a user-friendly interface and access at any time, from anywhere.

RepRisk Data Feeds

RepRisk Data Feeds are customized exports of RepRisk’s proprietary risk metrics and analytics that are integrated into your internal systems. They are delivered in CSV or XML format via a secure FTP, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

RepRisk Essential

RepRisk Essential is a managed service that supports companies in identifying, monitoring, and responding to ESG and business conduct risks related to their subsidiaries, suppliers, business partners, competitors, and investment portfolios.

RepRisk Briefs

RepRisk Benchmarking Briefs are corporate benchmarking reports that assess your company's exposure to ESG risks and benchmarks it with a customized peer list. The convenient PDF report is available for all companies in the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform and can be purchased directly from the RepRisk Brief page.

RepRisk Supplier Monitoring Briefs are high-level reports that systematically screen your suppliers to identify those that are most exposed to ESG risks. The PDF brief is customizable according to your supplier universe, ESG criteria, and frequency of delivery.

RepRisk Reports

RepRisk Company Reports are detailed research reports for an individual company. The PDF reports are ideal for users interested in specific information on only one or a few companies and can be purchased directly from the RepRisk Report page.

RepRisk Portfolio Monitoring Reports are comprehensive qualitative research reports that systematically identify companies most likely to violate internal policies and international standards. The PDF report is dynamically generated to include the latest information from our ESG Risk Platform and is fully customizable to your investment universe, ESG criteria, and frequency of delivery.

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